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Memoline Consulting Group has a sound track record of providing effective solutions to the challenges in the global consulting market between Afghanistan & Malaysia. Memoline Consulting Group  is not only a source of generating income , but it is a way they can be proud  by providing  something different , better , reliable and special in Educational Consultancy, Travel and Tours, Medical Tourism, Immigration, Investment support abroad, Event Management & trainings .

Memoline Consulting Group came knows that successful organizations remain competitive by focusing on the fundamentals: Customers, Quality, Priorities and Measurement.

MCG is an innovative management consulting created to serve the right persons  and the international aid system.

MCG is a professional organization focused exclusively on the practice of independent well being for future; the Company is furnished with highly qualified staff both at National and International level.

MCG has been dedicated to advancing professional standards for education consulting field in Malaysia, while supporting our members as they expertly guide the clients through the transition from Afghanistan to Malaysia.

The team at MCG have found out that there is a great need of improving the quality of services in the country, for which they came into a conclusion which is to send people from different walks of life to other advanced and developed countries where they will observe the level of quality provided by service providers and luckily the team was able to establish good networks globally which help the team to make its dream come true. Memoline Consulting Group– is run by a group of enthusiastic and energetic young Afghans, & Internationals who are fully experienced and can provide the prospective applicants with the best range of options that they can choose among.