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Workshop for Project Management

Professionals (PMP) Certification


Duration: 5 days

PDU: 35

This course is aimed at delegates who are preparing to sit for the Project Management Professional (PMP®) or the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®) examination.

This course is designed to give delegates clarity on all areas of Project Management as laid out in the PMI®’s Project Management Body of Knowledge 5th Edition (PMBOK®) and the Project Management Life Cycle.





At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

·         Know the details of all the Project Management knowledge areas

·         Know the way exam questions are asked and how to answer these questions

·         Watch out for the trend in exam questions

·         Know how to apply for the PMP® examination



·         Becoming a Project Management Professional (PMP)

·         Project Management Framework

Definitions of project, Project Management, project stakeholders


·         Project Scope Management


Project planning, WBS, project life cycle, project charter, project selection methods, scope statement, scope verification, scope management planning, scope changes

·         Project Time Management


PERT, network diagram, critical path analysis, float and slack, precedence diagramming, crashing, fast tracking, scheduling, estimation techniques

·         Project Cost Management


Broad range of cost issues, earned value analysis and measurements

·         Project Quality Management


Customer satisfaction and continuous improvement through the use of quality standards and tools

·         Project Human Resource Management


Organisational structures, roles and responsibilities, resource management planning, staff acquisition, team development and management theories, team building, conflict resolution

·         Project Stakeholder Management


Identifying, analysing and managing all relevant Stakeholders on the Project

·         Project Communications Management


Formal and informal communication types and methods, techniques and tools

·         Project Risk Management


Risk identification, qualitative and quantitative risk analyses, risk mitigation, monitoring and controlling

·         Project Procurement Management


Types of contracts, consequences of choice of contract, contract administration

·         Project Stakeholder Management


Stakeholder Identification, Stakeholder Analysis, Stakeholder Engagement

·         Project Integration Management


Critical functions that ensure coordination of the various elements of a project including overall change control system


Training Agenda & Course Content


Day 1


Time Slot




·       PMI

·         Criteria for PMP

·         How to fill the application form?

·         How to prepare for the exam


Tea Break


Project Framework

·       Exercise on The Project Lifecycle

·       Professional Responsibility of the Project Manager

·      The Triple Constraints – Time, Cost and Performance (Quality)

·      The Project Manager – What are the responsibilities?

·      The Project Office – What and Why and How?

·      The Definition of a Programme

·      The Definition of a Project

·      Project Management Life Cycle

·      The Project Sponsor – What Are The Responsibilities?

·      Types Of Organizations: Matrix Organization, Strong, Weak, Balanced

·      The Functional Organization

·      The Projectised Organization




Project Initiation

·       Project Selection methods

·       Develop the Project Charter

·       Identify and Analyse Stakeholders


Tea Break


Project Integration Management

·      Project Charter Development

·      Project Scope Statement

·      Integrated Project Management Plan

·      Project Baseline – What Is A Project Baseline?

·      Project Management Information System

·      Project Methodologies

·      Configuration Management

·      Change Control Board – What Is Their Role?

·      Change Control System And Process

·      Lessons Learned

·      Historical Information

·      The Project Manager As project Integrator




Time Slot



Scope Management

·      Processes –  Scope Management

·      Project Life Cycle

·      What Is Scope Management?

·      The Scope Management Plan

·      The Work Breakdown Structure – (WBS)


Morning Tea Break


·      Scope Definition

·      Scope Statement

·      Scope Verification

·      Scope Assurance

·      Scope Change Control

·      Project Constraints




Project Time Management

·  Processes- Project Time Management

·   Initiation, Activity definition, Activity Sequencing, Activity Duration

·   Estimating, Schedule Development, Schedule  Control

·  Task Dependencies- Mandatory, Discretionary, External

·  Introduction to ADM/ PDM/ Pert/ Monte Carlo Analysis

·              Network Diagram


Afternoon Tea Break


·Critical Path Analysis

·Float And Slack


·Fast Tracking

·Gantt Charts

·Schedule Management Plan

·Resource Levelling


 DAY 3


Time Slot



Project Cost Management

·      Processes- Project Cost Management

·      Cost Estimating Inputs

·      Earned Value Analysis

·      Resource Management Planning

·      Introduction to various estimation techniques:

-Analogous/ Bottom Up/ Parametric Estimating

-Order Of Magnitude/Definitive

·      Introduction to Benefit Cost Ratios/ Net Present Value


Morning Tea Break


·      Internal Rate Of Return (IRR)/ Payback

·      Variable/ Fixed/ Direct/ Indirect/ Opportunity Costs

·      Law Of Diminishing Returns

·      Depreciation

·      Life Cycle Costing

·      Value Analysis

·Working Capital

·Exercise: 1.Exercises on Earned Value Analysis

·Typical PMP questions  


Project Quality Management

·      Processes – Quality Management

·      Definition of Quality

·      Quality Management Planning

·      Quality Assurance

·      Quality Control

·      Control Chart Limits

·      Assignable Causes

·      Prevention/Inspection




·      Quality Philosophy

·      Quality Standards

·      Pareto Diagram – 80/20

·      Definition Of Quality Management

·      T.Q.M./ Quality Control Tools/ Quality Auditing

·   Continuous Improvement/ Marginal Analysis

·      Responsibility For Quality

·      Normal Distribution/ Standard Deviation/ 3 Or 6 Sigma

·      Variables, Attributes, Probability

·      Checklists

·      ISO 9000


Afternoon Tea Break


Project Communication Management

·         Creation, Collection, Distribution and Storage

·         Information Distribution

·         Communication Types

·         Communication Methods

·         Communications Model & Formulae

·         Communications blockers




Time Slot



Project Human Resource Management

·         Organisational Structures

·         Organisational Planning

·         Roles and Responsibilities

·         Powers of the Project Manager

·         Dealing with Conflicts

·         Staff Acquisition: Tools and techniques

·         Team Development

·         Teambuilding

·         Motivation

·         Hygiene Factors

·         Theory X & Y

·         Reward Systems

·         Performance Improvements


Morning Tea Break


Project Risk Management

·         Types of Risk

·         Who identifies risks?

·         Risk Identification

·         When and how often identification is done?

·         Qualitative Risk Analysis

·         Qualitative Risk Analysis



Lunch Break


·         Risk Quantification

·         Risk Quantification Tools

·         Risk Mitigation

·         Risk Response/ Mitigation Tools

·         Risk Monitoring and Control



Afternoon Tea Break


Project Procurement Management

·         Processes -  Procurement Management

·         Buyers Guide

·         What is a contract?

·         Planning: Make or Buy?

·         Types of contract and its consequences

·         Solicitation Planning

·         Request for proposal (RFP/ RFQ)

·         Solicitation

·         Source Selection

·         Contract administration







Time Slot



Project Stakeholder Management

·         Stakeholder Identification

·         Stakeholder Analysis

·         Stakeholder Engagement



Morning Tea Break


200 Question Mock Exam Part 1



12:30 -14:30

Lunch Break + Prayer


200 Question Mock Exam Part 2



Wrap Up and Course End


Profiles of Speakers


Lourdes Chandramohan (PMP®)

He has over 16 years of experience starting from programmer to project leader and manager roles right up to senior management and marketing positions in well-respected local and multi-national entities. His mission is to help clients enhance performance, productivity and profitability by leveraging on his results-based management, marketing methods and ideas. He also assists project managers in planning and sharpening their soft skills which are imperative in any project management role. He is an accomplished speaker and trainer, having conducted many seminars, workshops and speaking engagements. He is a member of Toastmasters International (TI), a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping its members improve their public speaking skills. He has achieved the Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) status, the highest award given by TI.


Marcel Conrad de Booij (PMP®)

BSc Chemical Engineering (Netherlands),Master of Business Administration (US) started his professional career in 1981 in the Oil & Gas Industry where he designed, constructed and installed offshore platforms and pipelines. Since then he has worked on several Engineering and Construction projects for the Oil & Gas and the manufacturing industry before branching out into IT related projects. Besides Engineering and manufacturing, his strengths lie in drawing & document management, logistics, Telecom, performance management and balanced scorecards. For most of his career he has worked in international environments and has strong affinity to different cultures and working methods.


James F Augustin MCIOB (PMP®)

A Chartered Builder with over 25 years experience in Construction & Real Estate working with Investors, Property Developers, Contractors and Consultants on projects in Malaysia and Overseas. Projects James was involved with included Commercial (Offices & Entertainment), Industrial (Factories), Mixed Development (Masterplanning and Township Construction), Luxury Hotels (Design Development), Premium Residential Development and Investment, Refurbishment & Renewal, Infrastructure, Social & Recreation (Convention Centre and Country Club), Institutional (Central Bank - Commercial & Project Management), Industrial and single-family housing. He is currently working as a trainer consultant for Bridgit, using his vast experience in the property and construction industry to improve the project management competence of others.


Mani Selvan (PMP®)

Mani is a Project Management Professional (PMP) and has over 15 years of working experience.  A Bachelor of Science (Hons) graduate University Science Malaysia, Penang and with a Higher Diploma in Robotic Engineering, NIIT, his earlier years were in the area of software development for the education environment. He managed a number of high profile projects. Mani has trained Project Management courses both in Asia and the Middle East.


David Guan Y S (PMP®)

BEng (Swinburne University), PMP, PRINCE2, Master Certificate (George Washington University) He has more than twenty five years of working experience out of which fifteen years’ experience as a project manager and a program manager with major multi-national vendors and telecommunication companies such as Lucent Technologies, Motorola and major local operators such as Celcom and Maxis Communications Berhad.

He has conducted trainings to share his rich experience in project management all over Asia including Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Africa and also Moscow.


Sunthar Raj (PMP®)

He has over 25 years of working experience starting from a programmer analyst in United Kingdom moving on to being a systems analyst in an engineering consultant firm and to systems support, technical services management, Project Management and eventually business development and general management in CSA Malaysia. He has headed a number of projects over his years in the capacity of project manager and project director besides being a General Manager. His projects have included software development and customisation, infrastructure projects like box office ticketing systems, ticket vending systems and IT implementations in various industries. He has been involved in implementing software projects in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

He is also a certified American Management Association (AMA) Trainer especially for Project Management.


Raj Kumar Dheri (PMP®)

BSc Construction Management (Pittsburg), Diploma Architectural Draftsmanship started his professional career from 1987 with Daewoo Corporation where he did site supervision for the construction of Crown Princess Hotel. He has worked with Jones Lang Wootton as a Project Manager and Property Manager for various projects for Standard Chartered Bank, EON CMG, Bumiputra Commerce, Kompleks Bangunan Getah and many others. He was also selected as a all ‘A’ Pittsburg State University’s honour roll in 1989 and 1991 and was awarded the President Wilson’s academic scholarship award when in college.


~        Methodology development and solutions

We assist organisations in developing proper and suitable Project Management methodologies by closely studying their business environment, establishing the requirements, incorporating best practices and taking into account their current procedures and processes.


~        Managing outsourced projects

We manage projects that are outsourced to us by multiple organisations in various sectors and industries. We bring in leadership and specialised project know-how’s in order to provide End-To-End management. We take the project all the way through the formal Project Management life cycle and optimise the project delivery by implementing the projects right, on time and within budget, quality and scope.


~        Constructing a Programme Management Office (PMO)

We assist organisations in setting up a Programme Management Office (PMO) through developing the right processes and creating the right competencies and capabilities. Construction of an effective PMO will enable an organisation to prioritise projects and apply best practices of Project Management that are aligned with its organisational strategies.


~        Professional mentoring services

We act as a professional mentor for organisations. We guide their project staff in the usage of best practices in Project Management, we monitor the level of progress in terms of project implementation and we advise the management where necessary.


~        Professional facilitating services

ü  We act as an independent facilitator for organisations on various occasions

ü  Project selection and prioritisation

ü  Development of a Project Charter or a Project Plan

ü  Strategic opportunity assessments

ü  Change and transition management

Our Differentiation

We strive to differentiate ourselves from others in various ways:

ü  Project Management is our core business

         We provide consulting and training services solely in the area of Project Management. This also includes the soft skills required in this area.

ü  Our trainers are also practitioners

         Our trainers also do consulting work and implement projects in their respective fields as part of their daily business. We believe that with the dynamic project environment there are many lessons learned daily and when we use practitioners they bring to the table real life current experiences rather than merely textbook stories. These trainers have also been trained to train with accreditation.

ü  We follow international best practices

         We apply best practices based on worldwide standards. We use PMI®’s standards as we are a PMI®’s global Registered Education Provider (REP).

ü  Our approach in Project Management is holistic

         While some training providers might only focus on certification alone, we also put emphasis on developing the personal competencies in our training. We believe that the human aspect is just as important as the technical aspect of Project Management. One must have skills in both areas in order to be a fully competent Project Management Professional.

ü  We provide X-periential Training

         We do our best in making most of our trainings as experiential as possible as this is the best way to train and transfer skills and not just focused on knowledge.

ü  We use Simulation

         What makes our training different from others is that we use a Simulation approach to highlight the experiential aspect. All our participants have rated us very highly on this Simulation method. Our Simulation training is a world-class training that has been attended by more than 40,000 people worldwide. It was developed by industry experts worldwide.

ü  We keep in touch with our participants

         We continue being available for our participants and helping them with any problem or issue that they might have. We also occasionally email them updates on the trends in the area of Project Management.


ü  We provide post-training coaching and mentoring

We continuously help our participants to maintain and improve their Project Management knowledge and skills by giving coaching and mentoring services.


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