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UNITAR University


Background of Institution

UNITAR International University

Established in 1997 in Malaysia, UNITAR International University (UNITAR) is a reputable, private, higher-learning institution that can provide a platform for your educational success.

UNITAR's Main Campus in Kelana Jaya collaborates with 10 Independent Regional Centres (IRC) throughout the country to assist a combined population of more than 9,000 students nationwide in 60 academic programmes.

The University provides affordable educational programmes at foundation, diploma, bachelor's, master's and doctorate levels to expand the reach of high-quality learning through our conventional and distance learning programmes.

Dedicated to setting the standard in innovative social sciences universities, UNITAR offers a diverse range of programmes covering Business, Technology and Accounting, Education and Communications, Culinary and Tourism, Architecture and Design, Early Childhood Studies, and more.

Guided by its vision from the past, UNITAR continues to inspire all into the future with an innovative approach of the 21st century teaching and learning called UNITAR Education Core ("UNIEC").

What Makes Us Special?

The differentiation is from UNITAR's Vision and Mission Statements, Goals and Core Values.

Vision Statement

To be the leading innovative social sciences university.

Mission Statement

  • To provide widening access to learning locally and internationally
  • To nurture wholesome graduates through a holistic learning environment
  • To build a sustainable institution


  • To produce high caliber graduates and professionals preferred by employers
  • To provide contemporary knowledge, skills and competencies with best practices as an integral part of human capital development
  • To develop university-industry relations in selected areas of management and technology
  • To establish international and professional collaborations towards quality education and training in Malaysia and abroad

Core Values

  • Universality of educational opportunities
  • Commitment to excellence and professional ethics
  • Customer focus
  • Embracing teamwork

Faculties and Schools

UNITAR International University

The university offers foundation, certificate, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes covering a wide array of disciplines in social sciences which include the following faculties and schools:

Faculty of Business Technology and Accounting

The aim of the Faculty is to produce wholesome graduates, equipped with the tools, knowledge and practical experience to succeed as entrepreneurs, corporate managers and accounting professionals. Our education methodology is based on personalised learning, which includes face-to-face and online interaction via our ground breaking 21st Century Teaching and Learning methodology; UNITAR Education Core (UNIEC).

Our programmes are designed with industry certifications embedded right into the syllabus. It provides a pathway for students to achieve both a bachelor's degree from UNITAR and industry recognised certifications from our partners, such as the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW), Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), and others.

Faculty of Education and Communications

The Faculty of Education & Communications provides dynamism and a golden opportunity that enable students to broaden their scope of understanding of the society they live in.

With the tagline "Inspiring Knowledge", students will be inspired to develop their character, to explore and understand 'The Self' via the UNIEC approach. A student will be industry-ready in a wide range of career prospects, and be able to contribute significantly to the advancement and enrichment of their own lives and to the community at large after graduating.

Faculty of Culinary & Tourism

UNITAR International University

The Faculty of Culinary & Tourism offers dynamic programmes enhanced by UNIEC that prepares them for an innovative and successful career in the culinary and tourism industry. With "Driven to Delight" as the tagline, the Faculty of Culinary & Tourism emphasises on a variety of traditional and modern ASEAN cuisine selections and cultures that are recognised in the international arena.

Faculty of Early Childhood Studies

The Faculty of Early Childhood Studies specialises in Early Childhood Studies that caters to the needs and aspirations of those who seek knowledge in this field. We offer innovative and the latest knowledge in professional pedagogy to be the leading faculty of Early Childhood Studies in the country.

"Beyond Childcare" is what we aspire, in producing experienced and knowledgeable practitioners who ensure that the best values and practices are carried out in children's education, in health practices and in children-related industries. It also aims to educate innovative entrepreneurs and meet the market demand for skilled and knowledgeable graduates via UNIEC.

Faculty of Architecture and Design

Learn, work and play at the Faculty of Architecture & Design via UNIEC which aspires to be at the forefront of training and education in the field of built environment and design whilst emphasising excellence, innovation and entrepreneurship within both areas of studies.

"Collaborative Solutions" - We are committed to the production of a new breed of professionals who are more technologically-equipped and industry-savvy to propel various related industries to greater heights as well as to cater for the growing requirements of the creative sector.

Asia Graduate School of Business

AGSB aspires to nurture future business leaders who are catalysts to drive change with intellectual knowledge, innovative ideas, shared vision, effective execution while fostering values. In today's competitive environment, managers go beyond managing the day-to-day operations and are expected to lead effectively at their level. AGSB prepares individuals with the skills highly demanded by the industry. Enhancing strategic thinking skill, which emphasises on gathering critical information and intelligence to support the managerial decision making is central to our curriculum.

AGSB offers postgraduate programmes at master's and doctoral levels in both areas of business administration and management. Students gain a wholesome learning experience through the transformation of our delivery from a teacher-centric to a student-centric approach and ensuring the discovery of knowledge takes place in an environment best suited to their pace and space via the blended learning.

Unitar Foundation School

Every journey must begin somewhere. The UNITAR Foundation School is a great destination specifically designed in "Discovering Potentials" to ensure you achieve the strong academic foundation you need to succeed into the university environment.

UNITAR International University

Campus Facilities

Lecture Halls and Classrooms

Our lecture halls and classrooms are complete with electronic teaching facilities such as projectors, sound systems and instructor's PC with internet access for effective learning environment for the students.


The library's collection consists of print and electronic formats. There are more than 30,000 print volumes in our collection. The library user may search the printed materials from the library catalogue. The collection covers many interesting subjects such as Business, Management, Information Technology, Hospitality, Tourism Management, Education, and English Literature, among others.

Computer Laboratories

Our computer laboratories are well equipped with the latest computer systems to facilitate teaching and learning. Our campus is now wireless to enable students to study anywhere on campus.

Language Laboratory

Our language laboratory applies the latest technologies to help students in mastering the English language.

Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Facilities

Our three different kitchens that range from preparation, pastry and culinary will entice students in showing off their creativity. We also have a mock-up housekeeping suite, training restaurant and cafeteria to enhance practical skills training required by the industry.

Early Childhood Education Laboratory

The lab serves as a mock-up of an early childhood education learning centre which aids in the assessment and development of students' skills.

Counselling Laboratory

Student Lounge and Graduate Lounge

We provide a conducive learning environment for students. The student lounge is designed to create a dynamic, collaborative environment to foster informal, cooperative and social interaction among students with free wireless internet access.

UNITAR International University

Regional Centres for All

A unique feature of the UNITAR delivery and administrative system is the existence of a number of Regional Centres in different locations throughout Malaysia. Currently UNITAR has 10 Regional Centres and more are expected in the near future. Students can choose the Regional Centre they wish to attend in different locations throughout Malaysia. To find out what programme(s) we offer at a specific Regional Centre, please log onto our website.

UNITAR welcomes aspiring students from all over the world because we believe that a multicultural and multinational campus will enrich students' experiences in terms of social and cultural diversity. Students have opportunity to meet people from various cultures and ethnic backgrounds and develop a cross cultural understanding among one another.